DVF Shares Her Seduction Secrets With Us During FNO

When you’re talking about strong, powerful females in fashion, Diane von Furstenberg really takes the cake. In other words: we love her, which is why we made her SoHo boutique our first top at Fashion’s Night Out. Von Furstenberg had a few things to celebrate in addition to her awesomeness, namely her new fragrance, Diane, which she was enthusiastically spritzing on anyone who came within a five foot radius. But this is no ordinary perfume — as she conspiratorially told us, DVF puts a lot more than just fragrance in that gorgeous gold bottle.

“I feel like you young girls underestimate the power of fragrance,” she began. “I think that lately, in the last ten, fifteen years, fragrances were just a beautiful bottle, a beautiful celebrity, but that was it. In this bottle,” she leaned in closer, “I have put all my love, all my passion, and all my seduction secrets.”

But before any of that even happened, von Furstenberg greeted us with her tagline, “Are you the woman you want to be?” Caught off guard, we stuttered a bit. Then said, “No, you are!” Which: true, but so lame. We are, however, bloggers, so we asked her how she felt social media was impacting fashion and the design process as a whole.

“It’s just a way of life,” she demurred. “For fashion, for anything. It’s just a way of life. It’s a digital world. There are no more films. You even do x-rays digitally!”

Von Furstenberg was even more coy when we asked her who she thought was giving Kate Middleton a run for her “Style Icon” money.

“I dont know. But Kate Middleton wears DVF, so I’m happy. I don’t know, really. That’s not for me. I just like women, and that’s enough for me.”

If only it were enough for everyone else.

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