What Inspired Diane Von Furstenberg’s Famous Lip Logo?

Fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg recently sat down with Interview‘s David Coleman to talk about her brand, and what we got out of it was a very interesting piece of fashion trivia: where that iconic lip logo came from!

Von Furstenberg covered Interview for the March 1977 issue. With that for context, this is what the designer told the magazine about the logo:

COLMAN: Here’s another question for you: Where did the lips in your logo come from?
VON FURSTENBERG: That’s a very good question. The lips came exactly from the Interview cover we mentioned.
COLMAN: It really is the best logo.
VON FURSTENBERG: It came out of the Warhol of the ’70s, the Warhol of the ’80s, and the two covers of Interview—out of this picture that Ara took. So they’re actually my lips.

There you have it! Somehow we aren’t at all surprised — her lips are fabulous. Von Furstenberg also talked about the tentative title of her forthcoming book, The Woman I Wanted To Be, and who exactly that woman is:

“Well, it’s really who I am. The thing that is interesting is that while I went through the process, sometimes painfully, I realized that was also my message and that’s also what I sell. I really sell confidence, because confidence is what allows you to design your life and be the person you are or want to be. You can actually design your life, but it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of truth and it’s a lot of self-searching and honesty with yourself, which is not necessarily pleasant. I shouldn’t talk too much about the book because I don’t plan on delivering it until the end of the year, but I am in the early fall of my life—if I’m lucky—or at the end of the summer, so I have a lot to look back on. I’ve had a lot of experience in terms of women and what women want. And I now have a new creative director who’s very, very talented.”

It’s quotes like those that make us not only admire Von Furstenberg as a designer, but also as a person. What we wouldn’t give to chat with her over coffee! And with that, here is the cover that inspired it all:


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