Did Jordan Catalano Style Madewell’s Spring 2014 Lookbook?

Madwell’s recently released Spring 2014 lookbook is nostalgic of the ‘90s and features classic versions of the pieces we ogled on My So-Called Life. Everyone knows that Jordan Catalano and Rayanne Graff oozed an understated cool that cannot be learned (just ask poor Angela.) That effortlessness is exactly what Madewell’s head designer, Somsack Sikhounmuong, aimed to achieve with his first collection for the company.

In an interview with Fashionista in October he discussed his 12-month plan involving a “focus on making things a little more classic-based.” Sikhounmuong went on to say:

“I am most inspired by the women I see on the street or in our office who approach dressing organically, with almost a tomboy sense of ease… Her pieces are curated, familiar, timeless and ultimately an authentic representation of who she is.”

Jordan is more put together than most women, so it’s easy to picture him leaning against his locker wearing this leather vest and waist tied flannel (standing up straight is for the Brian Krakows of the world.)

Mixed prints and fedoras are obviously Rayanne’s M.O.

And although he was prone to wearing bright colors, I can’t help but think that Rickie would look great in this all white ensemble.

Now all I want to know is if Jordan’s leather choker is included.


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