Did This Fashion Exec Really Steal A Dali Painting?

It’s the veritable stuff of cinema: a PR executive for French fashion brand Moncler has been arrested for stealing a high-priced Dali painting from a New York art gallery, allegedly because he wanted to expose the flaw’s in the vendor’s existing security system. Uh, maybe just write them an email next time?

Phivos Lampros Istavrioglou apparently slipped the painting in a shopping bag when no one was looking during a visit to the gallery last year, and sauntered out the door. Then he mailed it right back to them. But the police lifted fingerprints, and matched them to those they had on file for Istavrioglou from a separate arrest for stealing a steak from Whole Foods. We’re sensing a theme here.

Istavrioglou was nabbed by authorities getting off an American Airlines flight in New York, in what sounds like a very dramatic sting operation. And reps for Moncler confirm that he is no longer employed by the company. Perhaps they stumbled upon a personal store of unaccounted-for down jackets.

[Business Insider]

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