Dior Will Announce Galliano’s Replacement ‘In The Next Few Weeks’

It’s been a staggering six months since Dior fired John Galliano, the couturier almost everyone in fashion has lamented as a tortured genius since a drunken, racist outburst cost him the job every designer dreams of. But the people in charge at the storied French fashion house say we’ll know his replacement very soon.

In an exclusive look at how the Dior atelier runs in Galliano’s absence, The Daily Telegraph‘s new fashion director Lisa Armstrong took at look at how CEO Sidney Toledano and interim designer Bill Gaytten are running the company. Among other things, Armstrong noted a sense of simplicity and refinement among the clothes Dior will show in a few days’ time. She called them “impeccably made, both inside and out, they were far more discreet than those the house produced under Galliano … It’s as if the Dior customer’s palate is being cleansed.”

Maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered — by waiting so long to announce a replacement, Dior has given itself a whole lot of distance between the Galliano incident. While the memory of his clothing probably won’t be erased for quite some time, the extended intermission between Galliano and whoever’s next sends a clear message: things are going to be different under Galliano’s successor, whenever that successor officially takes the reins.

“Business has been great,” said Toledano, although he declined to go into detail. He also refused to reveal who will succeed Galliano, but said: “We will have news in the next few weeks.”

The past few weeks have been rife with speculation that Marc Jacobs is the heir apparent, but if he is Toledano and Gaytten both kept mum about it. We’ve already waited six months for a new king to be crowned. We think we can handle a few more weeks.

[The Telegraph]

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