Disney Gets Rid of Those Hose, Amends Company Dress Code

Dress codes –those age old New England prep school relics–have been attracting a good bit of attention lately. Only when it’s American Apparel‘s Dov Charney playing headmistress, seems a tougher pill to swallow. But certainly, as he points out in his recent response to all the bad PR swirling round his company, he’s not the first to infringe on his employees rights to wear whatever they want.

In fact, back in the early 50’s, fellow lover of mustaches and all things conservatively dressed, Walt Disney, had some thoughts about the sartorial expressions of his employees and mandated modestly from head to hose. But no more!  

Break out your Bik’s ladies, because in a move to remove some of those mousey restrictions, Disney recently announced that it’s female employees will have the right to bare legs. More over, they can expose shoulder and are now permitted to wear sleeveless tops and open-toed shoes. Unfortunately however the new rules don’t apply to the park’s various princesses, mouses and ducks.  Wouldn’t want Minnie showing too much leg with those yellow pumps…No word on whether Ariel will have to wear something over that shell bra.

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