Disturbing Rape Tweet Goes Viral, Sparks All the WTF’s


TWITTER, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. In a really fucked up display of one’s right to ”freedom of speech,” men and women (!!!!) are now promoting a disgusting tweet which reads “Why are girls so scared of rape? Y’all should feel pride that a man risked his life in jail just to fuck you.”

Sit there and digest that for a minute.

Given the speed at which Twitter moves, it’s not surprising how fast this one gained steam across the social media platform. Some young people retweeted the statement because they thought it funny, some because they’re too immature to care, and others because, simply put, they’re assholes. One user, AlaskaNebraska, saw his tweet go semi-viral with 110 retweets and 62 favorites in a matter of hours. -__-

This is the rape culture, y’all, and it’s gaining steam. According to the RAINN, over 237,000 women are victims of rape and sexual assault every year. Not one of these incidences is a joke – not one – and yet the Twitter community is actively trivializing and funny-manning the horrific experiences of nearly 1/4 million women. When do we begin to draw the line between a joke and injustice?

Funnywoman Joan Rivers recently lashed out at a CNN anchor for not being able to “take a joke,” and I imagine that’s what some of these fools would say about their tweets. But there’s no rationalizing rape. It’s not funny, not on social, not in real life, not now, not ever.

Logs off.





rapetumblr[Swagger New York]

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