How Much Would You Pay To Be A Fashion Intern?

It’s clear that we’re in a tough economy. Entering into the fashion industry has never been more difficult than it is right now, and if you’ve been listening to anything Kelly Cutrone has said on her hit TV show, Kell On Earth, even if the industry gets back on track, it will never be what it once was.

Interns have become increasingly important (and free) tools for fashion magazines and clothing companies. My friends curse the person who first said, “Sure! I’ll work for free just to get the experience!” But regardless, college students and recent grads are hungry for a chance to be within twenty feet of a fashion editor, hopeful that one day that internship will turn into a good recommendation, or better yet, a job. So they get the latte with five ice cubes, spend four hours looking for a photo of Kate Moss wearing a striped shirt, and if they’re lucky, get to bring a flower delivery into the Editor In Chief’s or CEO’s office.

Well now, Charity Buzz is offering up the opportunity to do just this in an auction to, for one entire week, be an intern at DKNY.

The Donna Karan Company, one of the world’s leading fashion design houses, is offering you the exciting opportunity to join them for a week-long internship! As a design-driven, retail-focused company, The Donna Karan Company represents the international pulse of New York City through it’s design, marketing, and delivery of a complete lifestyle system. This offer-of-a-lifetime is something you do not want to pass up!

You will have the chance to take part in a one-week internship with Donna Karan’s hip, exciting Public Relations department. The intern will gain exposure to the day-to-day happenings in a fashion savvy PR world, including communicating with popular fashion publications, organizing media kits and press releases, as well as tracking samples from both DKNY and Collection brands. Not only will the internship provide a comprehensive view of Donna Karan’s PR scene, it also includes a “behind the scenes” tour of the company, including a visit to Donna Karan’s office!

The proceeds for this item benefit Stephen Gaynor School

At the moment, the current bid is at $2,800.00, making the next possible bid a whopping $3,050.00.

We’re all for fashionable philanthropy, but in an industry that is by nature exclusionary — especially economically so — such an auction seems a bit discolored.

Let’s face it. Getting an internship at one of the big names in fashion takes connections. Like it or not, only half of what matters is one’s drive. Most of what gets your foot in the sliding doors of Hearst or Conde or any major label is whose Hampton’s house your parents’ house is near. And that takes money. Money that some of the most driven, intelligent, and fashionable potential interns don’t have.

So how much would you pay to be a fashion intern? Apparently someone would pay at least $2800 for their daughter or son to get Donna Karen coffee for a week. Respect is paid to the anonymous parent or grandparent who wants to help the Stephen Gaynor School, but is this just furthering the ability for the wealthy to receive easier access? Isn’t this only deterring those hard workers without the ability to bid thousands of dollars in a charity auction from being the next star intern?

What do you think?

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