WATCH: DKNY PR Girl Finally Reveals Her True Identity!

We never thought we’d see the day! DKNY PR Girl, one of the most visible social media presences in fashion, has kept her true identity a secret for so long that we figured we’d never know who she really was. But now, thanks to a video detailing just how crazy her life is during Fashion Week, we know!

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Everyone, meet Aliza Licht, the Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Donna Karan International. Yeah, what a title, right? Licht explains in the video (posted on her Tumblr last night, naturally) that when she’s “not networking with editors or pitching stores, I’m negotiating something that will eventually lead to press.” It’s a wonder that with all that on her plate, she finds time to tweet and tumble frequently and consistently throughout the day. But Licht says she’s as addicted to social media as she is to the rest of her job.

And the rest of her job looks like a job and a half! The video shows Licht and her team preparing not one, not two, but three shows during New York Fashion Week, all of which require a lot of planning and hand wringing and seat assigning and photo approving and celebrity dressing — it’s just a lot. But Licht loves every minute of it.

“Working on these events is an adrenaline rush. No matter how many times you complain that you’re tired, or you can’t do another show or you can’t send another email, you always do it. And really, what you realize is, you really love doing it.”

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It’s as true in fashion as it is anywhere: If you do what you love, it won’t feel like work! Well, maybe not too much work. Take a look at the video below and see what we mean.

[DKNY PR Girl]

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