Do You Have a ‘Type’? New Dating App Tries to Find Your Ex’s Look-a-like

article-2659970-1ED8241B00000578-695_634x426 Deny it with all your might, but we generally seek out a certain ‘type’ when looking for <lurve333. Whether it’s hair color, facial shape, height, $$$, our dating history tends to repeat itself, leaving us with a slew of past exes who all share certain traits. Taking this concept and building off of it, has decided to team up with L.A.-based firm, Three Day Role, to create a facial recognition software that uses pictures of our exes to find future boos. Creepy? Absolutely. Will it work? Hmmm…

For a mere $5,000, users can get a 6-month membership which includes meetings with an in-person dating “coach” as well as full access to doppleganger software. Users simply send in one of their ex’s photos (the one they didn’t rip into a thousand pieces), and then the program finds other users who share similar characteristics, such as face shape as well as personality assessments. Via MashableTalia Goldstein, the founder of Three Day Rule, said, “People have a type and it’s not necessarily about height or race or hair color, but a lot of it is about face shape…I’ve noticed over my years in matchmaking that people have types.”

So for the price of a shitty car, or like, a second-hand Hermès bag, you too can have a shot at love with a knock-off version of your ex which, depending on how much say you had in the breakup, just might be worth it.

[Swagger New York]

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