Dolce & Gabbana Appeal, Cara Delevigne Can Act, and Frank Ocean to Perform at Met Gala


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana committed to appeal the decision that found them guilty of tax evasion last June. They’ve been sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, and will appeal the decision for the second time at Italy’s supreme court, Corte di Cassazione. The decision yesterday upheld the verdict that found them guilty, but sliced the prison term down by two months. If they do end up in the slammer, the uniforms would have more leopard and roses, and just think of the DIY blog they could create. (VOGUE UK)

  • cara2_2896990aCara Delevingne can act. Timeless premiered last night, and she plays Chloe, an army girlfriend who’s struggling with the fact that her boyfriend’s in Afghanastan. The actress who plays her grandmother Sylvia Syms, said at the premiere. “I worked years ago with a beautiful girl who became very famous. This child here has the same quality which is known as not acting for the camera. She is real and an absolute joy to work with. I was told I was going to work with a model and I had never heard of her but I literally fell in love with her on the first day. The other girl I loved was Audrey Hepburn.” The movie looks just like that other movie, Jaws. (Telegraph)
  • OceanFrank Ocean is said to perform at the Met Gala, according to unattributed sources. And here you were thinking Pharrell was fashion’s hip hop face. “Happy” isn’t edgy enough because it sounds like a Barney song. That’s a better fit for the Oscars. Ocean probably won’t try to dance with anyone though. (New York Post)
  • Celebrities continue to assume editrix because of course they are. Mandy Moore is the newly crowned beauty editor at Byrdie. She’ll be critiquing “lipstick, nail polish and so much more.” (Byrdie)
  • Here’s your dose of vintage Karl Lagerfeld photos. Pre-ponytail and fingerless gloves, this is your chance to see the one-liner dispenser without shades before he looked like a Bond villain. (Stylelist)
  • Meet the head man in charge of the Met Gala. Harold Koda, the Costume Institute spoke about giving Charles James his due. “Part of the reason we’re doing James is because, to the fashion specialist, everyone knows him, but to the audience at large, he is one of those names that, because he doesn’t have a surviving label or brand, is forgotten.”(Look)
  • If you were buying that J. Crew were the first to tell you Birkenstocks were back. There’s a writer to contest that who says they’ve been great all these years. (Guardian)
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