10 Things We Learned From The Telegraph‘s Dolce And Gabbana Profile

Yesterday’s Telegraph ran an enlightening story on Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, in which we learned about their amicable romantic break up, pill-popping habits, and sordid respective pasts as a dancer and a Catholic priest.

Here are a few choice bits of info we gleaned from the article, just in case you’re too busy brunching away to read the whole thing:

1. Gabbana has “vitamin-popping hypochondria.” Not to worry, we think pill-popping is très chic so long as they are good for you.

2. Dolce was a fashion victim in college: “Like bloggers today, molto, too much. I had every day a different look, 20 pairs of trousers.”

3. When the pair met, Dolce was dressed as a Catholic priest as part of said “fashion victim” phase. Hmm….wonder if any fashion bloggers have attempted that particular look. Bryan Boy, perhaps?

4. Before he entered the ranks of fashion’s elite, Gabbana worked in Sicily as a “dancer and general life-and-soul-of-the-party” alongside transgender actress Eva Robin’s (yes, the apostrophe is part of her name).

5. Their first collection almost didn’t happen. They cancelled the fabric order after being rejected by every factory they approached to produce the line, but the letter was lost in a postal strike. Mercifully, Dolce’s family agreed to produce the line on spec.

6. Their ambition as designers is to cultivate a signature style for their brand. “We will die, but people will look in a book and see a picture and say, ‘This is Dolce & Gabbana style.’ This is the goal.” For what it’s worth, we think they are well on their way to such an identity.

7. Dolce gets a sort of post-partum depression seeing the collection head down the catwalk. “When those girls go, my job is finished. I don’t even want to look at the clothes, because now they are not mine. They are for everyone, not a secret any more. It’s like your baby has grown up, got big, packed the luggage and gone to Australia.”

8. While their romantic split in 2002 was “very painful”, the two never considering breaking up their work partnership. Gabbana goes so far as to liken that idea to that of a divorcing couple killing their child. Hear that, Jack and Laz? If you ever break up, please stay together for the kids.

9. Those pesky tax evasion allegations? “In the hands of their lawyers.” Though Gabbana now says he is not quite so quick to vent political frustrations on Twitter.

10. Their clothing is supposedly to thank for many a relationship and marriage. “We get many letters from people who say, thanks to you I found my husband, or my lover. They send us wedding pictures.”

[The Telegraph]

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