You’ll Never Believe What Dolly Parton Used For Makeup As A Teenager

Dolly Parton has perfected her signature beauty look over the years — big blonde hair, heavily rimmed eyes, and statement lips — but just how Parton managed it as a poor teen in Tennessee is pretty fascinating.

In her new memoir “Dream More”, the country crooner doles out lifestyle tips and personal anecdotes. Here’s what she had to say about her teenage experimentation with makeup:

“Until I was a teenager, I used red pokeberries for lipstick and a burnt matchstick for eyeliner. I used honeysuckle for perfume. We were raised in the Pentecostal Church of God and they believed that wearing makeup was sinful. My Grandpa Jake, my Mama’s dad, was a preacher. So I had to sneak around and make myself look all pretty but then wash it off before they caught me.”

Err, come again? Apparently, pokeberries come from a genus of plants known as Phytolacca. The red berries aren’t deadly when applied on the lips like in Parton’s case, but are, in fact, poisonous if they’re not cooked properly, according to the ever so reliable Wikipedia. Well, it’s a good thing Parton didn’t eat ’em.

[Du Jour]

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