Don’t Bother With College Because Now You Can Just Be a Selfie Model

Jen SelterShameless selfies are apparently generating lucrative business opportunities for largely followed Instagram hotties. Andy Warhol must have been a soothsayer when he said “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

Why go to business school when you can snap pics of yourself and achieve Insta-fame, endorsement deals and possibly your own line? The only requirement is a great body, so if you hate carbs and love to do squats, this is the career choice for you.

Let’s take a look at our girl Jen Selter. This U.S. Instagram sensation has 1.8 million followers, including Rihanna, thanks to her assets. Half the time she doesn’t even bother featuring anything from the neck up.

“They don’t want to see my face,” she told the New York Post.

I am not entirely sure that is what Sheryl Sandberg meant when she wrote Lean In. Although, it is a an example of someone who understands her brand identity. I first came across Selter on my boyfriend’s Instagram. Honestly, I get it. That derrière of hers is mesmerizing. I’ll even go to far as saying it is refreshing to see a “model” who really gets what Sir Mix-A-Lot was rapping about. What is disturbing is that she is skipping college for this. I mean the Olsen twins were able to attend NYU while running a billion dollar empire. How long can staged cell phone photo shoots take that you can’t make it to class?

According to the New York Post she has endorsement deals with water company NY20 and supplement company Game Plan Nutrition. So she’s not poor. A clothing line is obviously next.

“Everyone always wants to know what leggings I’m wearing. So why not make my own? — and maybe a chain of ‘like cool gyms, like with some glowing stuff,” she told the New York Post.

Selter’s Australian counterpart Renee Somerfield focuses on “bikini selfies” that allow her dog to make the occasional cameo. Thanks to her dedication to the craft, she is on this month’s cover of Maxim Australia. According to the Daily Mail, the 23-year-old is talking about launching a swimwear line. Not to be a Debbie downer here, but professional modeling and clothing design take skill that I’m not sure professional selfie-taking prepares you for. Though I will give them an A+ for generating brands.

If you got it and you want to flaunt it, by all means go ahead. But maybe don’t quit your day jobs just yet.

[Daily Mail]

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