Someone Just Got Paid $500,000 For A Dov Charney Tell All

The literary community is clutching its pearls after news broke this week that an untested, first-time author was given a half-million dollar advance. It then proceeded to tear its pearls off its neck and stamp the floor in riotous anticipation when it was revealed this author is writing a book about Dov Charney.

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Gawker reports that the author in question is Ryan Holiday, the 24-year-old director of marketing for American Apparel. Holiday’s working title is Confessions — and if sources are correct, this book is going to be the kind of tell all that really tells all. As the architect of Charney’s press perception, Holiday will no doubt know the real story behind the American Apparel founder’s sexual dalliances and his flailing steerage of the beleaguered company. An anonymous source told Jezebel that first-timers don’t get that kind of cash if they’re not sitting on a damn good story:

A publisher wouldn’t shell out that kind of money for a first time author unless there was dirt in it. I’m wondering if it is the first Dov Charney tell-all and they’re being secretive about it. My guess is that “expose” about the media stuff is a cover.

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We don’t know what to expect from the book, but we do know that Holiday previously worked for Tucker Max, author of the 2006 best seller I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Max’s own stories of sexual misadventure and being a not-so-nice person have turned into a lucrative business (it was even turned into a movie!), and maybe observing him in action for a while schooled Holiday on how to tell a decent story. Goodness knows if anyone has anything to say about Charney, it’s probably him.

[Jezebel, Gawker]

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