Dov Charney: Legal Woes Are ‘A Testimony To My Success’

Yesterday Dov Charney sat down with CNBC’s Jane Wells to discuss American Apparel. While Charney was there to discuss business (“We’re getting our groove back.”), talk naturally veered toward Charney’s behavior.

It went a little something like this…

Wells: I mean, I’ve counted, is it nine lawsuits? How many lawsuits? That’s a lot of lawsuits.
Charney: That’s also a testimony to my success, though, the fact that I’m a target for baseless lawsuits.
Wells: Are they all baseless?
Charney: All the lawsuits that have been levied against me are baseless.
Wells: All lies?
Charney: I’m not going to sit here and go through thousands of pages or something or something, but the allegations that I acted improperly at any time are completely a fiction.
Wells: Do you think you’re inappropriate at all?
Charney: No, no.
Wells: I would say the range of criticism is everything from sexual predator, which you’ve heard, to just maybe, uh, weird.
Charney: Well, you know, I mean, weird? I like weird.

Yeah, we know.

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