Dr Pepper’s Latest Ad Campaign Is Stupid And Sexist

Another day, another sexist ad. What were you thinking, Dr Pepper?

As much as we love the hard-to-describe soda, we are not down with its Dr Pepper 10 ad campaign. (We also don’t like the inexplicable lack of period after “Dr”, but that’s a different story.) The beverage company’s newest variety is considered a mid-calorie version of the original, and is being marketed to men and only men. No, really, the tagline is “It’s not for women.”

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The idea is that ladies can’t handle consuming 10 whole calories, which is why they are supposed to drink 0-calorie Diet Dr Pepper and guys are supposed to drink Dr Pepper 10. (By the way, I am a lady who enjoys 100-calorie regular Dr Pepper! How novel!) The ads and commercial for the drink are pretty darn offensive, but nothing is as bad as the Facebook portion of the campaign. You see, Dr Pepper has come up with 10 “man’ments” that include “thou shalt not untag unflatterings pics” and “thou shalt not share your horoscope”.

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We feel like a broken record, but just to recap: reinforcing gender stereotypes is never okay. Doing so for the sake of advertising? Just gross.

And here’s the commercial:

[via BuzzFeed]

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