Drake Snack-Shamed Nicki Minaj on a Snack Shopping Spree

How rude.

How rude.

Nicki Minaj and Drake recently went on a snack shopping spree. Everything starts off well: arm in arm, they share a giggly victory lap through the aisles of a deli, and Drake is all-in. He proclaims he will buy her anything she wants, and even suggests Nutella dip sticks because he is “splurging tonight.” Appropriate.

But then things take a turn for the worse, IMO. When a certain indulgent dairy item catches Nicki’s fancy, Drake instantaneously becomes a health nut. All of a sudden, he’s a life expectancy expert on a SNACK SHOPPING SPREE. Cheetos in hand (his pick), he schools her on her selection’s lack of nutritional value. How. Rude. His attempt at defeating the entire purpose of a snack shopping spree is captured above.

Drake. What is your problem? She’s gone on record saying that she isn’t missing any meals. Obviously that includes snack time. Nicki, we will keep our promise to buy you whatever you want in any local bodega, and also whipped cream, any night.


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