Drama On the Streets: Modern Outfits That Look Like Period Costumes

Period costumes are like hovering dresses or magical bras — probably fun to wear for 20 minutes or so, but not so cool when it comes to riding the subway, getting spontaneously intimate, or doing anything else normal women do these days. Though dressing like you’re in 1889 can make it easier to wee on trees (thanks, pantalettes!) which is a nice counter to the organ-reshuffling properties of corsets.

But if you do want to get your Downton Abbey on for day out in 2014, you don’t have to look uncomfortable or crazy. The evidence in these matchy-matchy images of street style photos and their period drama counterparts. Blogger Miss Moss created the pictures in 2011 for Hila but has just posted the whole series on her blog. See a few below and the rest there, and don’t be entirely certain that Lynn Yaegar and Judi Dench‘s Queen Elizabeth I aren’t the same person.

The Piano // Street Peeper


Marie Antoinette // Peter Stigter

Pride & Prejudice // Citizen Couture

[Miss Moss]

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