Drew Barrymore Apparently Now a Fashion Journalist

The road to becoming an editor at a popular magazine or website is long and arduous. I’ll even go on a limb and say that “writer” is the most masochistic profession next to acting. The hours are long, the pay is little and rejection is plentiful. The competition is even more discouraging now that Drew Barrymore is in them mix.

Our favorite child star is Refinery29’s new editor-at-large. Her editorial career currently involves a thoughtful piece on the egg sandwich and an advice column at Brides. Drew — you’re pregnant with your second child. Take a break will you?

Most writers would walk over hot coals for this kind of exposure. Before entering the gates of any publication, one must earn a college degree and do numerous internships. (Thankfully, most of these internships take place in the most affordable slice of the country — New York City.) Once you are in, you slowly climb to the top. You work hard and wait patiently. When things are looking good, Drew cuts you in line. You can imagine the frustration.

I love, love, love Drew. If we were friends, I would scour her makeup bins from the ‘90s and drink her namesake wine by the gallon. She has acting, producing, plus the aformentioned winery and the makeup lines under her belt. Although she is undoubtedly talented, writing and editing take years of experience. Granted these “positions” were most likely created specifically for her, a brilliant play by Refinery29 and Brides I might add, but there are already too few editorial positions available.

Barrymore is an amazing woman, and there is no doubt that she has a lot to share. I just wish she would put it on a Goop-like website of her own. Then aspiring editors could dream about working for her.

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