The Feminist Way to Get Your Clothes Drycleaned

dry cleaning feminsim

As women, we’re used to paying more for certain things, like our hair or cosmetics for example, but there’s another everyday expense that we didn’t realize is costing us — and we’re wondering why we didn’t notice it before. Women are frequently charged more at the drycleaner than men are.

On one hand, as fashion editors, we think it makes sense that our 100% silk blouses or furry T-shirts cost more than a classic men’s button-up shirt, but on the other, we note that women’s clothing is typically smaller than men’s. Furthermore, when it comes to the basics, the cleaning processes are often the same. As New Republic points out, gender-based price discrimination is illegal, but laundering businesses will justify it with the argument that women’s garments are more labor intensive.

Acknowledging the disparity, and using it as part of their business model, is drycleaning company ZIPs. They recently received a surplus of venture capital for expansion and have committed themselves to charging men and women equally for their services. The big draw is its flat-rate pricing, which is $1.99 per garment.

While there is no doubt that ZIPs has money signs in sight, we’re certainly not going to knock them for their pledge. And, let’s face it, it’s hard to argue with that flat rate. Listen to ZIP’s feminist drycleaning ad, below:



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