Incompetent Skier Breaks DVF’s Nose: ‘I Look Like Mike Tyson!’

American designers are running around New York City like chickens with their heads cut off in preparation for Fall Fashion week. And if the designers aren’t, their PR people sure are. But one pretty major player missing from all the pre-show action is Diane von Furstenberg. Because some jackass in Colorado broke a couple of her bones.

WWD emailed the 64-year-old designer, who was skiing in Aspen with her husband Barry Diller, to ask her what she thought about Michelle Obama‘s state dinner dress. Unfortunately, she was a little preoccupied with her injuries to have an opinion about the red and black Alexander McQueen gown, which has engendered its fair share of controversy.

Of course at this point the only controversy we’re focused on is finding the schmuck who did this — because with a few more skiing classes, this mishap could have been avoided.

“Some Brazilian man, who could not ski, lost control and went straight at me, hitting me badly on my face and ribs (with his camera),” Von Furstenberg wrote in an email. “I went to the emergency room and then flew to UCLA. I look like Mike Tyson on his worst fight. Broken nose and some light facial fractures. At home in L.A. now waiting to heal. Will be staying here the week because I have my children and grandkids. I guess it could have been worse…but it does NOT look pretty.”

The designer noted that she’s thankful to have her right-hand man Yvan Mispelaere working on her samples with fashion week so close at hand. We wish her a speedy recovery, and hope to see her back in New York by the time the tents go up.

DVF on the Mend [WWD]

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