DVF Embarrassed (But Not Sorry) About Obama Dress Drama

We know, we know — we can’t believe we’re still talking about the brouhaha over Michelle Obama‘s non-American state dinner dress, either, but here we are. Designer Diane von Furstenberg was among the leaders of the wave of public outcry against the red Alexander McQueen dress Obama wore at the state dinner for China last month. And while she told Tina Brown at a Daily Beast-sponsored breakfast Friday that she was embarrassed about how much debate her negative comments (sponsored by the CFDA, no less) created, she didn’t even come close to apologizing for them.

“I said that Mrs. Obama has been extremely supportive of American designers, but clearly we were disappointed that she chose to wear a British designer for the state dinner…From there, I was so embarrassed that I am definitely going to write to her. She has been super supportive to American designers.”

We have to wonder what this letter will say. Maybe, “Sorry the fashion industry can’t let you make your own decisions”? or perhaps simply “Our bad. Sorry, M,” will suffice?

Maybe von Furstenberg will even try to answer Brown’s pointed question, “Why did she decide to wear it?” The designer said on Friday she had no idea why Obama would pick this dress:

“I don’t know,” von Furstenberg replied. “Maybe she liked the color! I’m sure she had options like all of us. Or she asked [President Obama], ‘Which one do you like?’”

Brown and von Furstenberg also talked about young American design talent, the wrap dress, and the second annual DVF Awards, in which the designer recognizes women who have impacted the lives of other women. It’s one of the many ways von Furstenberg seeks to empower the women of the world, which we think is a great thing. But we have to wonder how she can reconcile lifting up the women of the world with one hand with tearing down a very prominent one with the other? Maybe she was on a witch hunt after all.

Diane von Furstenberg Honors Women at New York Fashion Week [The Daily Beast]

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