WATCH: Dwyane Wade’s Band Jacket Is Awesome

Just a day after he made an unfortunate analogy involving the World Trade Center, Dwyane Wade exhibited grace under pressure, issued an apologetic statement, put on a khaki band jacket and strolled onto the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as though nothing had happened.

Our sister (brother?) site Sportsgrid and much of the rest of the sports journalism world maligned Wade this weekend for making a comment that was incorrectly reported on AOL’s Fanhouse blog. The incorrect version made it seem as though Wade equated a Miami Heat loss to the fall of the Twin Towers.

“We’re going to be wearing a bullseye. But that’s what you play for. If we lose a couple in a row this season, it will be like the World Trade (Center) is coming down again.”

Internet ire ensued until Fanhouse caught the transcribing error and released the correct version of the quote, which more or less exonerated Wade. His intent was to say that if the Heat lost a few games, the sports world would behave as though a huge disaster had occurred, but that basketball games shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

Still, we think he could have avoided referencing the World Trade Center altogether.

“Of course, there’s gonna be times when we might lose one, two games in row, I mean, two games, three games in a row, you never know. And it’s going to seem like the world has crashed down. Y’all gonna make it seem like the World Trade has just went down again. Not gonna be nothing but a couple basketball games lost and we’ll have to get back on track.”

So, why are we reporting this? Because we recognize that personal style is about a lot more than the clothes you wear — it’s also has to do with your deportment. Wade apologized for his gaffe and moved on — he didn’t even talk about it on The Tonight Show, opting to let his band jacket do the talking for him. The military-inspired number projected calm authority and self-control, and Wade’s personality on the show followed suit. But, as one of the best-dressed men in the NBA, we’re guessing Wade already knew that. Proof positive that clothes really do make the man.


(Wade’s segment starts at the 28 minute mark.)


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