PHOTOS: Over 30 People Have Taken Marc Ecko Up On His Tattoo Offer

Just under two weeks ago, Ecko Unlimited announced they would offer a 20% lifetime discount to anyone willing to get a permanent tattoo of either the brand’s rhino or oversized shears. At the time, our first thought was, “clever idea!” Our second thought was, “who on earth is going to tattoo themselves for a measly 20%?” You can probably guess the answer.

The pithily named Branded For Life campaign asks fans to download either of the logos, personalize them as desired (provided the logo itself remains intact), and go on and get inked. All these eager beavers had to do after that was show up at any Ecko Unlimited or Marc Ecko Cut & Sew store in the United States or Puerto Rico and, lo and behold, the discount would be theirs! Much to our surprise, as of today, over thirty people have signed up (and gotten inked up) for the deal — and posted their photos to

While we’d love to take this opportunity to point out that 20% is really not a very large percent and certainly not when you consider that most things go on at least 10 or 20% discount at least once a season, but instead we’ll share with you a few of our favorite examples.

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