Ed Westwick Wears Banana Hammocks

We’re not going to lie, there is something alluring about Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick’s piercing eyes and brooding grin. If he were to ask one of the Styleite ladies out for a nice drink at some Manhattan hotel bar, we wouldn’t pass up the chance. That was up until we read his interview with MTV Style, in which he confesses his personal affinity for wearing banana hammocks as his choice in swim wear.

Westwick advocates the usage of the itty bitty bottoms on men who hone a body fit enough to showcase them”

“A lot of time the short ones are cool. If you have the bod for it, you know. I think it all has to do with how you wear it, and that’s for anything that has to do with clothes.”

A sound argument, but then Clott turns the conversation personal and takes an indirect peak into the actor’s swim wear drawers. When asked about shorts preference, Westwick revealed that he’s not much of a surfer shorts person but instead one who likes his bottoms to snug against the skin. We imagine Clott’s face blushing at the point of this discovery:

Do you wear little banana hammocks, like Speedos?
“Oh, always. Certainly.”

Oh my! While we do enjoy seeing Westwick class up his looks like a Brooks Brothers poster boy, we’re not too sure if we’re ready to visualize him in some little, lycra-blend number.  Remember musician John Mayer’s extreme take on the banana hammock? Yeah, our minds are forever burned by that photographic proof.

But then again, we guess Westwick could pull it off better.

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