WATCH: Famous Graffiti Artist Tags Selfridges… For Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton graffiti

While one graffiti artist is waging war on Marc Jacobs, another, who goes by the name of Eine, is collaborating with the Louis Vuitton designer on a luxe scarf for the storied French house.

To celebrate the occasion (and perhaps conquering another anti-establishment maverick), LV has set up pop-up shop inside Selfridges and left all the decorating to Eine and his spray paint cans. Although we’re pretty sure that the artist never had his own agenda on this venture, the irony is not lost on us that this man used to illegally tag shop shutters in east London.

And though Eine appears to be a changed man, the Telegraph did present the inevitable question that all artists who’ve done similar collaborations face: How do you reconcile being a street artist with working for a luxury brand?

He explained:

“This is my job and how I make my money, pay the bills. I never get paid for painting walls or shutters in the street and I normally cover all the costs. I sell art, canvases and prints, which themselves are luxury items. I sell luxury items and then paint the streets for free.”

While it’s a relief that streets aren’t footing the bill, we can’t help but think that fellow artist, Kidult (the one who’s after MJ), does not appreciate his fraternizing with the enemy.

Whether your loyalties lie with mean streets or the shiny the marble floors of the luxury world, watching Eine work his magic inside Selfridges in the video below is a fairly neutral move.

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