WATCH: Elf Ear Surgery Now Apparently A Trend

Here’s a question we’ve been pondering for months: What’s the right season to get the tops of our ears sliced open to have the cartilage sculpted into a point to make ourselves look more like elves?

OK, we’re kidding — we’re not actually pondering that, but there are people out there who are willing to pay as much as $600 to have such a procedure done, ostensibly because it’s not just enough to watch movies like The Lord of the Rings or stare at the various people who have portrayed Vulcans on Star Trek. People are actually emotionally connected to the idea of looking like they belong to another form of reality, or worse: like they’re extras in Fern Gully.

But the procedure that will get them there isn’t exactly on the level. Plastic surgeons won’t perform the procedure because of the potential to seriously mess up your ear, so instead people seeking the modification turn to creepy dudes like Steve Hayworth, who bills himself as a body modification artist.

There’s a lot of people out there who have an inner vision of themselves, and they want to express that to the world around them. I’m very happy to be an artist that can provide that kind of work.

Real talk. Problem is our inner vision doesn’t have a high threshold for pain, and because Hayworth isn’t a doctor, he can’t use anesthetics during the procedure. Ouch.

If none of that has turned you off, take a look at the video below and tell us if this procedure is something you’d ever consider.

Surgery for Elfin Ears Newest Trend? [Good Morning America]

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