Elle UK Blurs Cover Lines With Kylie Photo

I-D, Pop, Purple, Love — these are all fashion magazines from which we more or less expect artistic covers. Elle, Vogue, and Bazaar? They usually, well, stick to the usual with a close-up of an oh-so-smiley celeb. Occasionally and when we’re lucky, we’ll get a more interesting subscriber cover, but risks are simply not part of mainstream fashion magazines’ vocabulary.

But in an industry dying to be saved, maybe a little edginess could go a long way. If Elle UK’s June 2010 cover is any indication, editor in chief Lorraine Candy thinks so as well. The magazine’s June cover displays a much more artsy aesthetic with a completely blurred and softly stunning photograph of Kylie Minogue. The image is so hazy that the only reason you even know it’s Ms. Minogue is from the single cover line:

Kylie: Come into my world.

We’re not sure if this is the subscriber cover or the magazine stand cover, but regardless, we must give a proper thank you to Elle UK for taking a risk. We love seeing Kylie Minogue’s flawless face, but for the sake of art, we’ll take this cover.

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