PHOTOS: Matt Damon, Kellan Lutz And One Cute Dress Hit The Red Carpet

It’s kinda unfair to females that all Matt Damon has to do is put on a suit jacket and he’s immediately the best thing on the red carpet. We feel particularly bad for Byrdie Bell, because it must have taken a considerable amount of effort to appear as blithely perfect as she does in her crochet-sleeved dress and adorable mustard hat. But there’s no question that this screening of Elysium that happened in New York last night was a home run for the boys.

Another person who could put Crocs and still (probably) be enjoyable to look at is Kellan Lutz. This slick dark suit and tee combo is what we would like him to wear when we take him home to meet our moms, which could definitely happen one day.

See below for all this plus Albert Hammond Jr. in waxy blue pants and Olivier Theyskins with locks glossier than Kelly Choi‘s.

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