PHOTOS: Emily Blunt On Shaving Her Bush And Michelle Obama’s Skin

Celebrity profiles usually delivery some variation of the same fare: anecdotes about working out (or not: “I’m just lucky!”), woe-is-me paparazzi tales, and maybe swear word or two, thrown in for good, relatable measure. But either Emily Blunt or ELLE UK went rogue during the actress’ interview for their May issue, because instead of salads and canned responses, this profile is chock full of pubic hair stories and first-hand accounts of Michelle Obama’s skin.

Blunt’s husband John Kraskinski has used the time the pair met the Obamas as interview fodder before, but Emily’s version gives us some insight into the First Lady’s skin.

“I was so starstruck…we were at the White House having cocktails and this woman said, ‘Would you like to meet President Obama?’ They introduced me and then he turned to me and went, ‘Oh. Oh. You are a wonderful actress.’ And I laughed, screechingly and hysterically, I couldn’t stop. They had to usher me away. I fell apart. I don’t know what happened to me. He looked nine-feet tall. I think my eyes rolled back in my head. I gave Michelle a hug and she had skin like silk.”

Skin like silk. But of course.

Blunt also reveals that she apparently falls to pieces at the mere mention of her pubic hair. To wit:

“I remember one scene when the director Lynn Shelton came up to [Emily’s co-star] Rosemarie DeWitt and whispered in her ear, ‘Say something that would really embarrass Emily’. So Rose told this story that involves my nether regions… Basically, her friend was going out with this boy and he’d said to her, ‘I think you need to shave your pubic hair because it’s really pouffey in your underwear,’ and so we’re doing this scene and Rosemarie just goes [adopts American accent], ‘Do you remember when Chris told you to shave your bush?’ I went completely crimson, I was so mortified. For the first time ever on film, I cried with laughter and they caught it, they captured that golden moment when it was completely genuine.”

But as to whether she picks at her salad or “charmingly” eats a cheeseburger, well, that we’ll never know.


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