WATCH: Emily Blunt Nails A Hilarious American Accent On Leno

Out promoting her new film, Arthur Newman, Emily Blunt stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, and the conversation quickly turned to her unique style. Leno holds up the May 2013 issue of InStyle, which Emily of course covers, and calls the shiny Burberry Prorsum look “Edwardian space-agey”.

The host course-corrects, calling Emily “very stylish”, but the British actress will have none of it. “Not really,” she laughs, “you have to kind of prise the Converse trainers out of my hands.” Teasing a bit of Brit-doing-American that comes later in the clip, she explains, “I say ‘trainers’, you say ‘sneakers’.”

In his opening monologue, Leno gently mocked Emily’s name, saying it “sounded like a Snoop Dogg protege,” (heh, good one, Leno), but in this segment, the star confesses she “didn’t attach a lot of positivity to [her] name growing up.” She says, “it rhymes with a word that’s rather rude, which we all know what that is!” Our minds hadn’t really gone there, but her not even saying the c-word sends the audience into a tizzy of “oohs”.

Emily goes on to explain that people seem to have a hard time believing that her last name really is “Blunt”, and launches into a pretty on-point American accent while describing one particular restaurant run-in. You’ll have to watch the clip to see her nail the speech pattern, which has got us all excited for her to play American in the film.

See why she says “Dame Judy Dench is kind of the worst” and the rest of the convo below, plus part two of the interview which includes a peek at Arthur Newman.

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Blunt wears a Victoria Beckham dress , JustFab shoes, and an EFFY ring

Part two:

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