Emma Watson and Tavi Gevinson Bring Normcore to Its Logical Conclusion

Let's all just be naked now.

Let's all just be naked now.


She might not have a journalism degree, but Emma Watson does have something you can’t buy for $200,000 at NYU: A friendship with Tavi Gevinson. The newly-minted Wonderland editor has interviewed the 17-year-old Rookie wonderkind for the new issue, reciprocating the amazingness that happened last year and making the world a better place.

On why you won’t see Tavi providing soundbites to @CondeElevator:

“I have a better understanding of how journalism should look in a daily website than a monthly print magazine but I also, I’m just too used to what we have. We have the best of both worlds, I love that we can do a book twice a year but also think that for the sake of our community it is really important to be this online accessible publication and I don’t think that I would ever want to be, I mean not that anyone is kind of knocking on my door right now but I don’t think I’d ever want to be like heading a magazine that has this legacy that goes back for so many decades. I’d maybe rather be a friend with that editor-in-chief and you know like send them links to things.”

Internet 4eva. The two also indulge in the requisite discussion of Beyoncé and feminism, voicing opinions on the intersection of those things that will make you feel like your own consumption of media is that of a 45-year-old midwestern man watching the Single Ladies dance on a CRT TV while eating cereal out of the box. Their sentiments are lengthy, conflicted, and worth reading in full.

But also importantly, proving how ahead of the game she is, Tavi also touches upon the trend that almost killed the internet this week — normcore. Well not directly, but she does talk about how not dressing like a modern day Miss Havisham is a reflection of her growing sense of self:

“I think part of it, there is that Bob Dylan lyric which is, “I was so much older then I’m younger than that now” and I think that when I was younger I felt like I had a lot to prove. I felt like I had to really challenge beauty standards and I had to show that teenage girls are really smart and only talk about you know music and fashion and whatever in an intellectual context and since then it’s been different for me, I have nothing to prove and I want to write about pop music and not prestigious fashion shows and I think I have just become more open minded in terms of my style.” “

“When I gave my talk at the Opera house I just wanted people to focus on what was inside, I wanted to wear something simple, I wanted to put my ideas out there and not feel like I was delivering them as some kind of eccentric.”

Emma agrees that eschewing flatforms shows a “shows a kind of nakedness,” echoing Tavi’s idea that forgoing clothes entirely brings normcore to its logical conclusion. They are so in-sync it hurts:

It’s not indecent exposure, y’all — it’s just post-normcore.

Other relevant people included in the new issue are Pharrell Williams, Lena Dunham, Sofia Copppola, Lorde, JK Rowling, Patti Smith, Darren Aronofsky, Jonah Hill, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is why they’ve released double covers, so you have a back-up issue for when you accidentally rip the first one completely in half like a hungry kid opening a bag of Skittles.


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