Emmanuelle Alt Doesn’t Really Do ‘Self-Maintenance’

Because top fashion editors are celebrities now, The Daily Telegraph‘s Hilary Alexander interviewed new Vogue Paris editrix Emmanuelle Alt about who she is and what her vision is for Vogue. Things we learned: Alt sometimes doubts she’s French, doesn’t have any super radical plans for the magazine and has never (and we mean never) seen the inside of a gym.

It’s not that Alt is trying to be different from the pack. She just is. Her beauty regimen includes black eye makeup and getting her hair trimmed every now and again when she’s on the set of a shoot. But if she gets treated like a model, that doesn’t mean she would ever be one (her mother, Francoise, was a model for Nina Ricci and Lanvin back in the day). Alt prefers to be the creative end behind a shoot than the inspiration for it. Herein, a few of our favorite moments from the interview:

On not being sure she’s French:

I don’t look after myself. I don’t do yoga, Pilates, those things. I hate physical effort, I don’t run anywhere, but I am super-energetic. Make-up? I just black my eyes and that’s it. My hair? I get it cut on set (fashion shoots), I never go to a hairdresser. I’m not sure I’m French.

On what is (and what isn’t) going to change at Vogue Paris:

“Of course, some things will change, because we (ie. Roitfeld) have a different eye. I would like to have more beauty, more lifestyle. I want to use more young designers. We should surprise every time, otherwise it could be boring.”

On being behind the wheel:

“I would love to own a Porsche or a Jaguar, but I can’t with the children. But I love fast cars. In the summer we did a road-trip to California; I did not let my husband take the wheel once.”

Not once. Read about Alt’s kids, her career, and her very first cover of Vogue Paris (you know, the one that shares that Dolce & Gabbana dress with two other editions of Vogue) here.

Emmanuelle Alt interview [The Daily Telegraph]

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