Alt Made Sure There Was A Single Boob In April’s Vogue Paris

You know how sometimes you read something about someone and you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be their friend? That is the feeling we feel every time we read about Emmanuelle Alt — and now that she’s in the swing of things in her new role as editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, we read about her a lot.

Alt, who took over for Carine Roitfeld just a few months ago, is making a healthy number of changes to the magazine, but she still wants the magazine to be recognizable as Vogue Paris. As she flipped through the April issue, due on stands next week, with the good people at WWD, she noted that there would be more clothes, more jewelry and more beauty stories. She wants to surprise her readers every month. And maybe show them just one nipple.

Flicking through a binder showing off a shoot of Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer, Alt arrived at a page of the model reclining, her blouse open and a nipple in plain sight. “One boob,” she said, holding up a finger and flashing a big smile: “Otherwise, you don’t recognize it’s French Vogue.”

But Roitfeld’s porno-chic aesthetic isn’t the only thing that’s getting edited. The variegated fonts used under the last administration are already gone, and more of the pages are devoted to straight text — no images, just long-form feature stories. Why? Roitfeld explains “It’s important to have something to read.”

We don’t read French, per se, but we do love poring over the pages of Alt’s version of the magazine. Her full impact won’t be felt until the August issue, but we’re looking forward to watching the changes build up until then.

Emmanuelle Alt’s Alternative Take on Vogue [WWD]

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