Equinox Responds To Terry Richardson Advertising Controversy

More than a few members of the ultra-stylish Equinox gym chain complained about the super skinny models featured in new ads shot by fashion world skeezeball Terry Richardson. And now, the gym chain has responded, defending not only Richardson’s photos but their “deliberate” decision to run with them.

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Women’s Wear Daily reports that the chain disagrees with the mob of gym goers who stormed the Equinox Facebook page with comments demanding that the women featured in the ads look fit and healthy, instead of runway thin. Equinox’s executive creative director Bianca Kosoy told the paper:

“Our campaigns exist at the intersection between fitness and fashion; they are intended to be thought provoking and to generate discussion through their deliberate synthesis of personal motivation and high fashion photography.”

But that’s the thing: These ads haven’t generated conversation so much as have have plain old controversy. And while the pictures did get people talking, none of what the angry members are saying has started a dialogue — it’s just mad people yelling. And we’re guessing, in light of the company’s nonchalant attitude toward its customer’s opinions, they’re going to keep on yelling until they see change. Or join another gym.


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