Everything Natasha Lyonne Knows About Lesbian Sex She Learned From Lea DeLaria

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Despite the proliferation of lesbian characters in mainstream media and websites devoted to curating and producing queer feminist pornography, there is still a degree of confusion over how lesbian sex works, an air of mystery distinct from anything coloring conversations about gay male sex and/or heterosexual sex. Just ask the sexologists behind Cosmopolitan’s first-ever lesbian sex guide or the director of Blue is the Warmest Color: as the queer Internet was happy to inform them, lesbian sex is about more than just rubbing your bits on some other bit until you come or get the hose again.

Luckily for Natasha Lyonne, when she began her journey as the wild-haired queer nympho Nicky Nichols on Orange is the New Black, she had a better resource on lesbian sex than anything that was at your disposal in your freshman year of college (in my case: fan-made YouTube montages of scenes from The L Word set to Tracy Chapman songs and some dusty tome from the ‘70s that I checked out of the school library): Lyonne could turn to the butch queen of Hollywood herself, Lea DeLaria. As DeLaria demonstrated on last night’s very special OITNB-themed Conan, there is one easy trick to pleasing a woman. All you have to do is remember Judy Garland:

But the cast of Orange is The New Black discussed more than just how DeLaria gets off: all of your favorites were there (plus that pile of play-doh come to life, Jason Biggs) and they were unrestrained and hilarious. Watch as Uzo Aduba teaches Conan how to make crazy eyes, Laverne Cox (as Sophia) takes over the beauty and hair department, and Kate Mulgrew gets the revenge she has been seeking since the late ’90s.

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