Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive For Fake Ugg Boots

This is as good a reason not to buy counterfeit goods as we’ve ever seen. Some makers of fake Ugg boots are inhumanely skinning raccoon dogs for the fur needed to create an authentic looking shoe.

The Sun, the UK newspaper which brought us such scandals as Botox Mom and that video of John Galliano drunkenly saying “I love Hitler,” found a video of the animals being beaten, tortured and skinned alive for their fur. Raccoon dogs are cousins of jackals and foxes, which means their fur is soft enough to mimic the lambswool that goes into authentic Australian Uggs.

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But that wool is a lot easier to come by than what happens to the raccoon dogs, which are literally abused to death in the pursuit of their fur. The Sun hasn’t posted the video, but it does have several screenshots of it, and describes its contents in detail:

One animal is shown being pinned to the ground by a boot before it is skinned alive and hurled on to a heap. It weakly raises its head despite having its skin and fur sliced off.

So far the only city in the United States to ban the sale of fur has been West Hollywood, California, so it’s entirely possible that if you or anyone you know has bought fake Uggs (or fuggs, as we call them here at Styleite), they’re made out of abused raccoon dogs.

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While it’s understandable that many people are up in arms about this revelation, the best way to stop the abuse of these animals is to stop buying fake Uggs. If you’re in need of a pair, we suggest you save up for the real thing (or wait to catch them on sale!) instead of buying fake ones. You never know where they come from.

If you can stomach it, check out the brutality here.

[The Sun via Racked]

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