Farrah Abraham Live-Blogged Her Grandfather’s Funeral Because of Course She Did


Teen Mom-turned-adult actress Farrah Abraham attended her grandfather’s funeral in Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday, and grieved the only way many kids of the internet fame generation seem to know how: by live-bloggging the entire thing via Facebook and Twitter, an decision which culminated in a photo of the deceased Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr. prostrate in his open casket:



“Birth & burial, So much love & a family who was touched by you,” Farrah wrote along with the photos. “You are the best man we know ♥ you Grandpa and I’m so happy and thankful like the rest our family for having you in our lives, your one of the great ones. You showed me what hard work, dedication and passion was as well I’m so proud of both you and Grandma for having an amazing marriage. Thank you for being there for all of us and not judging but helping. #Heaven”

As you might expect, most of the 214,000 people who follow her on Facebook — a fact which I personally see as far more indicative of society these days, but anyway — were pissed.

“Do you really want to remember your Grampa like that in a casket you must remember him how he was all the good things that he did kind of disrespectful taking pictures like that I’m just saying,” wrote one commenter.

Another took the stance of defender of the common good: “Posting this specific photo publically [sic] on a social media website is absolutely disrespectful and in poor taste. It should be removed. Report this photo.”

Other teen mom and reprehensible human Jenelle

“You are well known and take that attention to the next level by posting pics of family members in their caskets,” Jenelle tweeted on July 30. “WTF?” Hmm, who could Jenelle possibly be talking about?!

Others realized that since Abraham is a human capable of emotions, who should be allowed a grieving period:

“Sometimes people take pictures of their passed loved ones so they have a picture where they know they aren’t in pain,” said one commenter. “It would be the same thing of posting a picture of a passed pet or even a cremated loved one. Don’t judge her because of her choices. If you don’t like it then don’t look at it. Let her grieve how she has to. The only reason this is “disgusting” to people is because she’s will known to the public. If she wasn’t it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Farrah I’m very sorry for your grandfathers passing, I hope he isn’t in pain or suffering anymore. Just keep in mind that he’s still with you everyday.”

New social media trend? Sure makes those funeral selfies look a whole lot sunnier. What say you, internet — would you “do” this “don’t”?

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