Underage Icons: 6 Kids That Prove Age Is Just A Number

Remember the good old days when being a kid meant playing in the dirt and swinging on the swings — when your parents thought you were a prodigy when you rolled a ball of Playdough into something resembling a three-legged dog and you thought all things stylish were purchased at the Limited Too? Well, childhood it ain’t what it used to be and even if this is just our own insecurities talking it seems that everyday there’s a new pre-pubescent prodigy making us twenty-something adults look like complete slackers.

And we’re not just pointing the finger at Tavi because if annoyingly overachieving, she’s definitely not alone. In fact, by underage industry standards, she’s almost past her prime. What with 10-year-olds vying for a spot at fashion week and the folks at Disney masterminding their own child star birthing factory, sartorially speaking, you need not be this tall to take a ride. Curious as to who was going to be stealing our jobs before they’re legal, we did a little digging and unearthed a few youth quakers who seem bent on shaking things up.

Arlo Weiner

Dubbed America’s most stylish 8-year old a few years back by GQ, the bow-tie wearing son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner already has an eclectic look that’s part “Oliver Twist, part Royal Tenenbaums,” and says he plans to start designing as soon as he graduates the second grade and gets a sewing machine. Watch your back, Thom Browne.

Kira Plastinina

Like something out of a fairy tale, this Russian born princess has an empire that any well-dressed Tsar would approve of and she opened her first “style studio’ in 2007 at the ripe old age of 16. Of course, back in high school we counted field hockey as an extracurricular, but whatever works, right?

Cecilia Cassini

The blogs are a-buzz over this 10-year old prodigy who recently held a ‘trunk show’ for her eponymous line at none other than Fred Segal. Our societal obsession with strange families being what it is, we’re already anticipating a reality show or at the very least an appearance on next season’s Project Runway.

Lourdes Leon

Seen spotting some serious ripped leg-wear on the red carpet, speaking chic, Little Lourdes seems to be stepping into her own. She’d never have to work a day in her life, but that hasn’t stopped the trendsetting teen from inking a deal to design a junior’s line for Macy’s. Talk about Blonde Ambition.

Robert I. Brown

When we say this kid’s the poster boy for the S-Trandy movement (as in Straight Dandy) we totally mean it. Dishing on his tastes for Details, the 16 year old style blogger extraordinaire counts the Rat Pack as muses and self-describes as a “young man who takes pride in the ‘finer things.’ I like beautiful ladies (inside and out) and Ralph Lauren garments.” He says he discovered his passion for presentation back when he was a ‘kid,’ and by 14 had begun to think of style as a second religion.

Nicklas Skovgaard

Forget school, this 15-year old Danish blogger has more important things to do like (hello?) attend fashion week. Unfortunately the aspirant designer — who does a pretty good downward gaze — found it a total snooze. “It’s kind of boring clothes, but I’d love to go to Paris fashion week — that’s amazing.” he said. There’s just no pleasing these kids.

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