WATCH: Did This Designer’s Hairdresser Sabotage Her Kickstarter?

In June 2008, New York-based desginer Julianna Bass was featured on WWD as one to watch. In November that year those sentiments were echoed on The Cut, which ran an interview the designer titled “Julianna Bass Is Sick of Your Colored Tights.” The designer’s daring silhouettes and wish for the swift death of leggings won her even more fans.

In that interview, she cited the biggest challenge to setting up a label as “trying to pair the business side whilst maintaining a sense of creativity.” But now money seems to be the biggest obstacle and, almost five years later, Bass is one of the latest designers to put her label in the hands of Kickstarter.

Well, her Fall 2014 collection anyway, which is the project she’s hoping to fund through the generosity of people with a love of oversized bows and a shortage of cat videos — both things Bass loves, by the way. You’ll learn this is if you watch the video, though if you’re hoping to help a budding designer realize her dreams then we’d advise you not to. Kickstarter videos are not renowned for being the least annoying things ever, and having a fake hairdresser screaming, “Guuuuuurl, that OMBRE!” doesn’t put us in a particularly generous mood.

Better to stick to the print, which tells us Bass has a collection with a finalized concept and near-complete sketches. The funding will enable her to draft the patterns, sew the samples, produce the photo shoot for the seasonal lookbook, and promote the line both domestically and overseas. The minimum pledge is $25, and backers will get anything from personal thank-you notes to custom-made garments.

A fashion collection is incredibly expensive to produce. And fashion is currently one of the most underfunded categories on Kickstarter. In a New York Times article published last year, Kickstarter’s founder says that fashion projects had brought in $3.5m since the website launched in 2009, but the success rate for those projects is only around 25%. But a Kickstarter video is like a seasonal campaign. You can’t just delete it when the funding’s raised. In fact it stays right there on the website in its Google-friendly entirety. And so does your ombre hair, and so does your annoying fake hairdresser.

Projects that have found success on Kickstarter include Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style documentary, the Versalette by sustainable label {r}evolution and the PASKHO line started by a designer fired from GAP. And two days ago Naomi Spindel reached the minimum backing she needed to show her collection at New York Fashion Week. But none of them tried to take the humor route.

Would you pledge $25 to help Julianna Bass maker her Fall 2014 collection? What about $2,500? Even after watching the video? Julianna, we wish you all the best with your collection — but please find a new hairdresser.

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