Chicken Soup for the Fashion Soul: 10 Sacred Truths

andre leon talley memeOver the weekend we stumbled upon I-D’s “40 Things to Remember When Fashion Gets Too Much,” which shares off-the-record pearls of wisdom from designers, writers, editors, stylists, and photographers for staying alive in the unmerciful fashion industry. It not only struck a chord with many of our daily conundrums, but also gave us an excuse to resurrect our favorite André Leon Talley meme (seen left).

We’re not among those in fashion grumbling about their horrible jobs, but navigating the fickle industry does have its trying moments.

Thankfully, we now have 40 reasons to put our uneasy minds to rest, whether it’s imagining feared legends using the lavatory or remembering that fashion is one of the only domains where flaws can become your je ne sais quoi. While we adamantly recommend you pore over each and every reason why you need to stop taking yourself so seriously, we’ve narrowed down our ten favorite sacred truths.

1. Designers always admire their muse’s “attitude” more than what the muse wears. So, actions speak louder than
 clothes, ultimately.

2. Spending hours and hours getting ready and looking in the mirror is always a good use of time and well worth the effort, but only if the end result creates the illusion of thrown-together effortlessness.

3. A new fashion trend simply requires at least three coincidences occuring at the same time.

4. Buying an item of clothing which you know deep down isn’t really “you,” will always mean you feel like a tosser while wearing it.

5. It is better to buy one stomach-churningly expensive piece of clothing that you love — even if means you can’t pay the rent next month — rather than an array of cheap things which you just, sort-of, quite like.

6. Wearing all black can be a cop-out and discloses a lack of aesthetic confidence (unless you are Diane Pernet, who is clearly confident in her timeless-goth get-up).

7. Never, ever describe yourself as a “fashionista” if you want anyone to take you seriously.

8. Don’t be worried by negative reactions to what you wear: all the best fashion statements are misunderstood or maligned at first.

9. Fashion is one of the most effective forms of instant communication and self-expression, but it doesn’t compensate for having something interesting to say.

10. Being invisible is often the most stylish look of all – for example, the elusive Martin Margiela.

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