Three Dynamic Fashion Duos Hung Out Last Night out of Their Own Free Will

Technically, it might not have been nighttime. More technically, one of these terrific twosomes isn’t completely human. (Stick around and you’ll see what we mean.)

Given the heart emoji and the proximity of heads in these Instagrams, it’s safe to assume Tom Pecheux and Carine Roitfeld, Olivier Rousteing and Riccardo Tisci, and Sam McKnight and a headdress from Marc Jacobssayonara to Louis Vuitton, all spent some quality time together not for fashion-friend reasons. After all, you don’t just invite anyone to go see Duran Duran with you. Or cuddle.

In fact, it warms the cockles of our cynical hearts to imagine how those impossible pair-ups went. Did Riccardo promise to gift Olivier his own custom Bambi shirt? Maybe Sam broke out the Stephen Sprouse body paint next? Was Carine like, “Tooooommmmmm. Vladimir and Julia don’t want to do stuff with me anymore. Can you come over? Bring ice cream.”

We can only imagine the miraculousness that occurred October 19, 2013, but that they even happened is enough.

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