WATCH: Fashion Police Writers Slam Joan Rivers In Emotional Video

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Joan Rivers has a sharp tongue and quick wit that’s practically unrivaled in the business, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t get help. Like most comedy show hosts, she has crew of writers for Fashion Police, who went on strike back in April to fight for a more fair contract with the E! Network. As part of the Writers Guild of America (of which Joan herself is a member) the Fashion Police staff was distraught to find that Joan didn’t have their backs in this battle. They’ve now made a video calling her out for not supporting their fight for the basics: health insurance, a pension plan, and fair pay consistent with industry standards.

The video, addressed to Rivers, begins with the writers voicing their admiration for her and explaining how excited they were to write for her show. Then, the conversation turns to the meeting where they initially requested an improved contract. “There was a whole blow-up and it got really ugly.” explained Jackie Beat, one of show’s writers. “And I told her, ‘Joan, this is the last thing any of us ever want.’ Sitting around this table, all we ever want is to make you happy.”

Rivers’ response in that meeting shocked the entire writing team; they were essentially told that if they attempted to unionize, they’d all be fired.

“When I was a kid at first, I never thought that women couldn’t be comedians,” another writer Eliza Skinner says in the video, “because there was always Joan Rivers. One of the biggest names in comedy was a woman’s name. It was so upsetting to me to find out that this person who meant so much to me, I meant so little to her.”

Watch the video below, and if you have a similar reaction to us, you might consider boycotting the weekly fashion commentary show. Personally, we’re really sad to hear that this is the case, both as writers and fans of the woman who has the chutzpah to tell Anna Wintour to shove it.

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