Do We Really Need Another Fashion Reality Show?

Word on the street is that NBC is casting another (yes, another) fashion reality show from the original producers of Project Runway. It more or less follows the same guidelines as the original show, with a slightly different grand prize: designers compete on a weekly basis to have their line produced for a major national department store. OK. Sounds like fun! Here’s the problem though: it’s totally been done before.

Fashion Bomb Daily reported yesterday that NBC will cast a pretty wide net to find talent for its new show, tentatively titled The Fashion Project. Producers will go from city to city looking for the next great American designer, whether they make their clothes at home or they’re already a working professional. Variety!

Then the designers will do those quick fire competitions, like aping couture techniques on a ball gown in 48 hours or making one single garment that says who they are as a designer. (Which, of course, is the most ridiculous challenge that was ever dreamed up. Designers are by their nature creative people whose entire artistic bent cannot be confined to one dress. But we digress.)

We’re sure the people behind the project believe that America is ready for will actually watch another set of Santino Rices and Daniel Vosovics run around a work room and scream for chiffon, but we’re not. With The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, What Not To Wear and a variety of other competition/design/makeover programming already available to us, the market is kinda saturated. Personally it’s going to take a lot of really great characters who are also really great designers to get us to watch this show.

If you fit the bill, or know someone who does, let them know it could be their time to shine. But warn them that it could also be NBC’s turn to swallow a big girl pill and just accept that there’s already enough fashion design competition reality shows on TV.

NBC Casting for New Fashion Reality [Fashion Bomb Daily]

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