Here Is Why Fashion Week Will Kill Us All (Or At Least Make Us Very, Very Ill)

If there’s one thing fashion people love to do this time of year, it’s gripe about Fashion Week. So many parties! So many shows! So little time! But as obnoxious as these complaints may be to those who work outside the industry (“Who complains about parties?”), there’s usually more than a kernel of truth to them. Plus, this February, there’s one more cause for concern: flu season.

Today, the New York Times Style section ran a story with the headline “Illness Walks the Runway”, and documented the mounting anxiety of the style set about getting sick before or during Fashion Week. While many of the points in the piece make plenty of sense — lack of sleep, cramped quarters, and stress will definitely leave you at a heightened risk of illness — it was also one of the most ridiculous stories we’ve read in a while.

Take it from Paper‘s Mickey Boardman when he says that, by going to the shows, “you’re putting your life at risk.” Naturally.

Click through the gallery below for an enlightening tour through the myriad things that, according to fashion insiders, could get you sick this Fashion Week:


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Dan Abrams, Founder