10 Single Serving Blogs Better Than F*ck Yeah Menswear

Is it a little silly for guys to be obsessed with fashion? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. Just last week Eric Jennings, VP of men’s fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue, was telling us that real men eschew capital-F fashion in favor of cultivating their own personal style, following trends only when they suit their own bodies and personal aesthetics. (Why we lowly writers were hanging out with Eric Jennings, you’ll have to return mid-November to find out.)

It would seem, though, that the anonymous blogger behind the brand new and wildly popular tumblr F*ck Yeah Menswear wants to love his love of fashion and make fun of it at the same time. His satirical musings take photos from Scott Schuman and other prominent guys in fashion and drive them and the entire concept of men caring about clothes into the ground. But his knowledge of what’s in those photos (and, ostensibly, what’s on his own back) betray the fact that he’s just as obsessed with clothes as The Trad or Mr. Mort.

And while his posts are hilarious (we here at Styleite HQ have been rolling in the aisles over his musings for days), they’re also decidedly one-note. You can only mock someone’s steez (or lack thereof) so many times before it wears off.

It’s an old formula, when you think about it: Pick one thing you know you can write about (or photograph, or Photoshop really, really well) and post about it in slightly different permutations over and over and over again. For some bloggers it works exceptionally well — but we have to wonder how long the FYM guy is going to be able to pull this off before it gets old. Herein, ten sites that get it right and will probably continue to do so for a very long time.

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