Female Tech Startup Worker Exposes Male Investor for Demanding Sex


The latest in tech industry sexual harassment: after some reluctance, NYC-based startup worker Gesche Haas has come forth with a shocking story about how tech investor Pavel Curda propositioned her for sex after their brief meeting at a business event in Berlin.

Gesche went to Berlin in July to meet with industry peers in the hopes of furthering Conjure.io, the design-sharing company at which she is currently Head of Growth. This involved a 20-minute business meeting with Curda. Strictly business? Not quite. Here’s the delightful message Haas received upon returning to her hotel room that night:


He included an “About Me” link to all the women he was helpful enough to support. Not that everyone doesn’t appreciate an accompanying bio with some harassment, but that’s beside the point. “Deal” being the key word in Curda’s tantalizing offer, it does suggest a “play for pay” sitch. As a startup worker with a good idea, money from a smoothie like Curda was exactly what she had come to Berlin to seek — though this isn’t quite what she had in mind.

According to Haas, she discovered that he sent the IDENTICAL MESSAGE to other #trulyblessed women of the tech world.

Haas was concerned that people would call her decision to nail the bastard “approval-hungry,” but it’s a brave and disruptive act with a far reach. But yes, about him: he’s a tech entrepreneur and investor, he founded the API Mashup contest, and he mentors startups at Springboard and Seedcamp. He’s also busted. NO DEAL.


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