Is The Fendi Baguette The First Handbag To Literally Inspire Poetry?

Fendi Baguettes are the new Grecian urns. Ok, not quite, but they do now share the distinct honor of being the subjects of some very reverential poetry.

The handbag is often credited as the first real ‘It’ bag, inspiring long waiting lists and early knockoffs. Indeed, they do possess a collect ’em all allure – or perhaps that’s just because their popularity reached fever pitch while we were still knee-deep in the Pokemon and Beanie Baby frenzy of the late 1990s. With their small size and streamlined design they lend themselves to the kind of embellishment that could overwhelm on a more substantial canvas. The perfect party bag, in other words.

It seems writer Banana Yoshimoto agrees (Banana! We like her already.) She dedicates a poem to the bag in Fendi’s upcoming tome on the subject, set to be released on June 1st to coincide with the re-issue of six original designs:

It wouldn’t suit me if it were even a smidgen bigger. And if it were even a little smaller, it would double as an ornament. We all find ourselves alone from time to time – in a party, in a car, in a restaurant, or walking down the street. We may not know why we are alone, or even why we are here. In times like this, this bag will stay close beside you like a puppy, like a parrot perching on your shoulder, or like the doll you were never without in your childhood. Yes, it stays with you just like a best friend.

Screw celebrity endorsements – you know your handbag has hit a nerve when even poets start singing their praises.

[FT | image source]


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