Could Flexible Heels Save Your Aching Feet?

Raphael Young may be known for his awesome (and expensive) creative footwear replete with sky-high heel heights and platforms, but the designer has just unveiled a new design that he asserts is “the most comfortable high heel ever.”

The rubber-soled shoes‘ flexibility minimizes something called “foot inflection” and enhances comfort. Young spent the past couple years developing the design, which he has since patented. At around $600, the price point is slightly less than that of Young’s non-flexible wares. How did he do it? “I found the technical solution to make shoes as flexible and comfy as a ballerina…Shoes are alive, nourished through material research and technological innovation.”

Our most comfortable heels are our sturdiest heels, so we’re wondering just how this flexible sole thing works. Perhaps the steel inserts and latex gel injection have something to do with it?

Or perhaps the anti-twisting steel accessory and rubber injection?

Anyway, the real question is: would you wear them?

[via Daily Mail]

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